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This artist grant is a unique funding opportunity designed to provide immediate financial relief to musicians. With a quick and streamlined application process, artists can receive fast cash to help with recording costs, campaign purchases, advertising expenses, and other aspects of their music career. Apply now and receive the instant funding you need to support your music aspirations.

One-Time Application Fee

Our one-time fee encompasses the application fee, processing fee, and any extra expenses for expedited wire transfers to ensure that funds are swiftly deposited into your account. By paying this fee, you are guaranteed a seamless and prompt transaction process, giving you peace of mind and convenience.

About Zachei

Artist Manager & Funding Advisor

Zachei is a seasoned artist manager and funding advisor with a wealth of experience in the music industry spanning over 5 years. Being raised by a prominent A&R figure has given him a unique perspective and deep understanding of the industry. His expertise goes beyond traditional artist management, as he is dedicated to providing exclusive experiences and securing funding to help aspiring musicians kickstart their careers. With a passion for transforming lives through music, Zachei is a valuable ally for artists looking to make their mark in the industry.


You'll receive $1,000 for any music-related expenses
and can get more if needed for your career.


Utilize funds to increase visibility on prominent networking platforms, like YouTube, Instagram and Spotify, for promotion.

Record Label Meeting

Securing investments to pitch music labels, forging connections with top executives for potential deals.


Using funding for chart placements can increase exposure, credibility, and reach for a music release.

Music Videos

Investing in music videos enhances artist visibility while engineering ensures top quality sound production.

Sync Placements

Utilize funding to secure placements in film and TV, maximizing exposure and revenue potential.


Securing funding for high-profile collaborations amplifies exposure and credibility, enhancing the project's success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What are the eligibility criteria for applying for a grant?

The eligibility criteria for applying for this grant typically requires one to be a musician such as a singer, rapper, or producer. There may be provisions for brands seeking assistance, but there are likely to be restrictions in place for them to qualify for the grant.

How do I submit an application for a grant?

To submit an application for a grant, you need to pay the one-time application fee per new application. Only artists with a major label executive managing their application are eligible for funding to ensure fairness and exclusivity. Zachei will manage your application so that you are approved instantly.

Despite this requirement, all communication regarding approval and deposits will be with you directly via email. Be sure to provide a valid email address to your representative so that you may receive all updates and correspondence.

What is the typical process timeline for reviewing and approving grant applications?

The typical process timeline for reviewing and approving grant applications usually takes about 10-20 minutes to complete the entire application and funding process, from start to finish. Once approved, funds will be deposited to the applicant’s account on the same day.

Are there any restrictions on how grant funds can be used?

Yes, grant funds must be used for music-related needs only. Recipients will be provided with a list of available options for how the funding can be utilized, ensuring that the money is allocated appropriately.

Is there any support available for grant recipients in the implementation phase?

Yes, support is available around the clock through confidential messaging or email for grant recipients in the implementation phase.

Are there any additional resources or services provided by the grant service to support grant recipients?

Yes, grant recipients are provided with additional resources and services to support them. If you spend all funds and are in need of another grant, you may do so by submitting a new application. Funds will be deposited into your account.

One-Time Application Fee

Our one-time fee encompasses the application fee, processing fee, and any other costs associated with expedited wire transfers to ensure that funds are deposited into your account promptly. This fee structure provides a comprehensive and efficient process for our customers, offering a streamlined and convenient experience for those seeking quick access to their funds.

Trusted by Thousands of Rappers & Singers

“Receiving $1,000 to promote my music was a game-changer! It allowed me to invest in quality recordings, marketing tools, and professional assistance, ultimately elevating my music career to new heights.”

Ella Smith

“This is my first time getting this grant. The financial support has been so valuable in allowing me to pursue my passion and continue to grow in my artistic endeavors without breaking my pockets to keep up the consistency of the industry.”

Liam Johnson

” Thanks to the financial support, I was able to secure slots on major artists’ set lists within just one week, propelling my music to greater heights.”

Austin Patel

“This gave my career a real boost. The grant provided the necessary resources and support to pursue my passion and achieve my goals. I am grateful for this opportunity.”

Joseph Garcia
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